Granite Memorial Wedge

Granite Memorial Wedge linking to your own Webpage
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A granite wedge, suitable for placing on or near an existing memorial or tree, or as a stand alone way to remember a loved one. The code is cut into the granite, along with a brief inscription

How to Order

1. Select your required product and web presence and fill in the name of the person you want to remember in the memorial name box

2. Go through the shopping cart filling in all the details including where you want the physical item delivered

3. We will send you an email once your product is ready for dispatch with a link to you webpage and the username and password to add text and images to the page.

Bespoke Options and Variations

If you do not require a QR Webpage or would like multiple pages linked together please call our office on 01202 612 211 or or email us enquiries@qr-memories.com

All prices are inclusive of VAT and no renewal or subscription costs apply.