Kenneth Cowan

To my darling husband I wish I had sometime with you to walk among the stars to hold your hand to cuddle you and see your face and ask you how you are. I’d tell you how things are going here and say how much I miss you your voice and your laugh and then there’d be that moment when I wouldn’t want to let you go, but I know that I would have to as I’d give you a kiss and cuddle and wish that heaven allowed visitors so that I could come back and see you again. Love, your ever loving wife. XX

Well darling today 8th August 2019 i was in the final off the club championship and guess what got beat by David Purves 21-18. Yip im proud to tell you how far i have come. I know you would have been watching closely and cheering me along. You are always with me and you’ve always said i had a good throw when you first took me bowling and look now im up too your level. Maybe next year il get my name up on the board beside yours. I also got my green tag in TKD this week. I was at a 3 day boot camp lol. So been a busy sporting week for me but i guess you already knew that. Well good night darling love you speak soon.